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Holbox Island, Mexican Caribbean

Holbox Island is a rustic island located north of the Yucatan Peninsula to 2 hours from Cancun. His name in Maya means black hole is a small island with 2 thousand people, a quiet island where visitors come to rest completely, is for people who want to be away from the main tourist centers, the noise and large hotels.

This Island is an island of approximately 250 rooms in total, and since the last 5 years has taken more popular among tourists.

Holbox (hol-bosh) is an island located near the northeastern tip of the Yucatán Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo. It is part of the Yum Balam ecological reserve, separated from land by the Yalahua Lagoon. Holbox is 26 miles long and beautiful seashells are constantly washing up onto its fine white sand beaches. The jade green Gulf of Mexico waters that bathe these beaches are beautiful and swimmer-friendly. The water is usually calm and shallow at the beaches, making it a great place for swimming with children.

On this island there is only one small village, also called Holbox, where less than 1,500 people make their home. The streets are sand lined with brightly painted wooden houses. The majority of the people are fishermen. They catch large red snapper, bonitos and grouper. These fishermen also go after lobster and octopus in season. As you can imagine, the seafood sold in the local restaurants is fresh and delicious. Treat yourself here to some of the world’s best ceviche, a cold dish with fish, shrimp or other shellfish marinated with tomatoes, vinegar and oil, cilantro, and garlic.  ..The Yalahua Lagoon separates Holbox from the mainland. Find a local driver to take you on his boat, and explore the wonders of this mangrove lagoon.

One place to visit is Isla Pájaros, an island where the birds come to sleep at night. Approximately 140 species of birds live in the Yucatán and visit this island at different times of the year.
Many are permanent residents. Humans are not allowed on the island…only on the observation towers…and it can only be reached by boat. Because these rules have been respected by man, the birds are not afraid, so it is possible to actually get pretty close to them.

About how to get to Holbox.. You can reach by road from Cancun to Chiquila in a 2 hour drive and then take a 30-minute ferry to Holbox. Services provided by different companies private transfers from Cancun to Chiquila by ground

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